With the Affection of Christ Jesus

           In Philippians 1, Paul discusses the love and joy that he has for his brothers and sisters in the Lord. This church in the city of Philippi provided Paul with supplies, prayer, and joy. The book of Philippians is a letter to these beloved people while Paul was in prison. In verse 8, Paul says that he misses his church "with the affection of Christ Jesus." His affection towards this church is so sweet. Just thinking of them while he is in prison gives him joy. I love to think of the church as people that I love with the affection of Christ Jesus. In other of Paul's letters, he has to correct churches for their actions or doctrine. But with Philippi, we see a church who loves each other and a church who loves and supports Paul on his missions. May we be a church that is united in this way. 

I cannot wait to worship together on Sunday! 

with the affection of Christ Jesus, 


Here are the songs for Sunday! Have a great week! 

-Sweetly Broken

-Our God

-I Stand Amazed

-Revelation Song

-Lord, I Need You


Click here for the link to listen to the songs on Spotify.