cast our crowns before HIM - Preparing for Worship this Sunday at RGCC

Worship Set List for Sunday:

  • 10,000 Reasons by Matt Redman
  • O Victory In Jesus 
  • Your Glory by All Sons & Daughters
  • Holy Spirit by Bryan & Katie Torwalt
  • 'Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus


     In Revelation Chapter four, we see the passage where John comes before the throne of God in a vision. John tells of vivid imagery of the throne of Christ.  Yet, it is still hard for us as humans to actually know what the throne room of Christ looks like. We try to imagine heaven as best as we can, but still it remains a mystery. Our human minds are limited. Rather than focusing on what heaven looks like, we should rather look to the focus of the scripture. We see the Lord displayed on a throne with twenty-four elders around him.

We see four living creatures who never cease to say: "Holy, holy, holy, is the Lord God Almighty, who was and is and is to come!"

When the creatures say this, the twenty-four elders cast their own crowns before the Lord. Then the elders say: "Worthy are YOU, our Lord and God,  to receive glory and honor and power, for YOU created all things, and by YOUR will they existed and were created."

We see this picture of selfless worship of the elders and creatures in the throne room. They get it. They understand that Jesus is everything. That He alone can satisfy our every need. The elders response is my favorite part. They cast their crowns of reward to Jesus because they know that anything they ever had done was nothing compared to what God does through Jesus Christ. 

     Jesus is an all-powerful God but yet oh so personal. We have been learning in Hebrews 4 that Jesus has been tested in every way and that He can sympathize with us. He is the Almighty God who made heaven and earth, who made everything we see, who made US. Better yet, Jesus came to us and died for us. He is the ONLY God who comes to man. He knows we could never come to Him on our own. So He changes us and makes us a new creation. 

When come to understand this gospel truth, the only correct response is to WORSHIP our God. Don't wait for Sunday to worship. Respond the gospel and praise and honor Him today with your lives. Rejoice that you can boldly worship Him at any time and give Him the honor due His name. We will worship together on Sunday. 

In love,

     Lydia Simonds