As Redeeming Grace COMMUNITY Church, we are passionate about and dedicated to creating a culture of community within the walls of our church and everywhere that we go. Part of doing this is equipping and enabling the members of our church to love and serve the places where they live, work, and even play. The Good Neighbor Grants give members of Redeeming Grace the chance to do that by applying once a year for a $25, $50, or $100 grant. This grant can be used to provide for a neighbor in need, throw a block party, provide breakfast for coworkers, snacks for your child's class, club, or team, etc.

If you would like to apply for a GNG, you can download the application by clicking here or just pick one up on a Sunday in the front room. Then just fill it out and turn it into to Chris or David at anytime.


As God continually shows us mercy and grace, we are compelled to do the same for others. Reflecting Jesus' compassionate heart, the children of God are to seek out the least of these and pour into their lives with generous and cheerful hearts, ready to give according to the need of those around them. Our mercy ministry exists not only to care for our church family, but also to make an impact in the community of Walton County and surrounding areas all for the glory of God.

Part of how we accomplish this is by supporting the following ministries and organizations:

Team Up Mentoring is a program devoted to fostering the growth spiritually and emotionally of at-risk youth in the city of Monroe. To ensure success, Team Up does everything from providing transportation to caring for the families of students involved in the program. To show our support of Team Up Mentoring, we give monetarily, donate to their hygeine, clothes, and school supply closets, and even visit the campus to help clean and organize.

To learn more about this program, visit their website here.


Redeeming Grace is also committed to praying for the persecuted church around the world. For more information and updates on our Christian brothers and sisters across the globe, visit The Voice of the Martyrs website.